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What we do.

Solutions Tailored to your Business Needs.


LED Lighting Energy Consulting

ECC helps clients with energy efficient lighting solutions including LED retrofits as well as lighting control systems.  Our consultants help clients maximize financial project incentives, as well as, achieve a rapid Return on Investment (ROI) for their lighting solutions.

We handle the entire process of complex lighting applications from design and engineering through installation and warranty service.   ECC assist clients through the tenuous process of evaluating lighting system options, by providing facility lighting assessments and offering trial installations to test product performance prior to a facility-wide implementation.

Depending on the client's needs, ECC provides the following LED Lighting Energy Consulting services:

Billing Review 

  • ECC analyzes the existing bills to identify existing contractual obligations, current prices, recurring standing charges, potential overcharging or billing anomalies.

Overcharge Review

  • ECC evaluates your business needs to reduce consumption through analyzing where the waste is occurring and promoting industry best practice, good housekeeping, training and development and a range of proven utility saving measure.

Energy Use Cost Analysis

  • ECC conducts a comprehensive analysis to focus on cost saving opportunities.  We provide a full LED ROI analysis to the client including any available rebates and a ten year cash flow analysis.

Tax Credit & Refund Analysis

  • ECC researches tax credit or cash rebate incentive programs available thru your state, local, utility and federal agencies that promote the use of LED lighting and/or fixtures.
LED Interior & Exterior Retrofitting
  • ECC will retrofit client's existing lighting with the latest LED technology and high quality, commercial-grade LED products.
Turnkey Solutions
  • ECC turnkey solutions include audits/surveys, controls configuration, installation, engineering and design, project management and rebate management.